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DB94 - S06-E01 - 17.07.06


DB94 5th anniversary!
• Rey now a Disney character at Hollywood Studios
• SW:Forces of Destiny begins (1st 4 episodes)

• Honest Trailers: Amazing Spiderman
• Historical Costume Trailers (Will, The Black Prince, Victoria & Abdul, Goodbye Christopher Robin, The Greatest Showman)
• Godzilla Anime Teaser

• Jeff reviews Okja
• Firebase
• All review SW: Forces of Destiny

• Toni Revilori on Flash Thompson
• Joan Lee passes away (Stan Lee’s wife)

• Labyrinth soundtrack on vinyl
• Dark Phoenix Dazzler
• Bushmaster and Dr Nightshade in Luke Cage
• Verizon/Disney rumor
• Live-action Jetsons
• Homecoming Sequel begins minutes after Avengers 4
• Two-hour finale greenlit for sense8
• Noir detective Batman
• Valerian screening opening sequence in front of Spiderman (select theaters)


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Left to right, Jeff Donoho, Gene Turnbow (Krypton Radio's station manager and founder), Andrew Clark, and Shawn "Obi-Shawn" Crosby.


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